Our Mission


Our mission is to address and combat the crime of domestic abuse by providing a safe, supportive and confidential environment through our refuge accommodation, helpline and outreach service for women and children experiencing this crime everyday in Irish Society.








Our aim is to provide a safe and confidential support service and crisis accommodation for women and children suffering domestic abuse. Through our work we also address the prevention of domestic abuse in Irish society by working with an array of other agencies linked with families at risk and by providing information / support sessions to local groups.








Our objectives are

  • To reach as many families as possible suffering domestic abuse through our helpline, refuge and outreach services.
  • To provide a safe and comfortable space in refuge for distressed families forced to leave their home due to domestic abuse.
  • To address the individual needs of every family we work with by approaching their experiences where they are presently at.
  • To employ professional and skilled staff at all times with ongoing training provided to meeting the changing needs of our client base.
  • To maintain a confidential service for all our clients but also ensuring that we always work according to Children’s First.
  • To raise the issue of domestic abuse where ever possible in public forums to instigate discussion and change in a bid to stamp out this crime.