Identify an abusive relationship with our educational workshops

healthy relationships posterRelationship abuse is not confined to adult relationships and marriage. It can be a reality for a lot of young people dating, taking as symptoms subtle nasty comments, aggressive tones, accusing questions and controlling behaviour. Take a couple of minutes to ask yourself these questions, you might be interested in our educational workshops.


– Do you feel that your boyfriend / girlfriend is being pushy?
– Have you witnessed severe mood swings or an unpredictable behaviour?
– Is he / she hypersensitive and explodes with anger regularly?
– Does he / she treat you or make you feel that you are inferior?
– Do you stop seeing your friends because you are afraid of his reaction?


These are some warning signs of an abusive relationship which generally only escalate as the relationship moves on. For this reason, stopping teasing and name calling during the preteen and teen years is vital. Our educational workshops aimed at 15-18 years-old youngsters promote healthy relationships to prevent patterns of dating violence that can last into adulthood.

If you wish to enquire about this programme or the possibility of it running in your school, youth group or project, please contact us at 01-4630400 or email us at

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