Corporate Sponsorship

At Saoirse Womens Refuge, we warmly and gratefully welcome contact from private business through corporate support/sponsorship in all its forms. To date we have been generously supported by an array of companies including Salesforce, State Street Financial Services, Davy Stockbrokers, Origo, Hewlett Packard, Unilever, Sisk, Emerald Gas and Vodafone. The support provided through corporate sponsorship includes financial, resources, volunteering, expertise and products, all of which contibute substantially to the continuation of our services.

Should you wish to support Saoirse Women’s Refuge, please contact Management at 01-4630400 to discuss any proposal, grant application or support you would like to possibly involve us in, and hopefully we can work together.



Some testimonials from Corporate Sponsors we have been luck enough to work with to date:

“Active engagement with our communities around the world, both as a partner and a leader, is a fundamental value at State Street. That’s why we support organisations like Saoirse Women’s Refuge that provide services to women and children experience experiencing domestic violence in Ireland through our corporate citizenship initiatives. We thank Saoirse Women’s Refuge for their services in helping create a better future”.

State Street Financial Services (Ireland)