Are you in an Abusive Relationship?

woman-sitting-on-stepDo you ever fear your partner or their actions?  

Does your partner ever belittle you or make you feel humiliated?


Does your partner constantly check up on you (asking who you’re with, where you are, when you’ll be home)?


 Is your partner short-tempered, acting aggressively or violent because of something slightly upsetting?


Has your partner ever destroyed your belongings or property?


Does your partner limit who you can see (friends, family, children) or where you can go?


Has your partner ever blamed you for his/her irrational behavior?


Does your partner criticise you constantly?


Do you ever change your plans just to pacify your partner and prevent an argument?


Do you give in to sex with your partner to keep him happy, even though you don’t want it?


Has your partner ever threatened to commit suicide if you would ever think about leaving him/her?


 If you feel any of these questions describe your relationship or your partner’s behaviour, we are always here to listen if you want to talk about what you have been going through.